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RHB05 - Modular Phone Mount

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Modular phone mount to attach your phone to our our equipment with handles. 

*If you are purchasing the full set, this mount is included.

Compatible with RHB01, RHB02, and RHB03. (sold separately.)

Make exercises more engaging and less repetitive, as well as accurately measure angles and progress.

The phone mount can be adjusted to be portrait or landscape using the screw at the back. These demo videos show it being used with the default iPhone apps: Compass and Measure. These can be helpful to provide visual feedback that small movements are being made. By recording the angles achieved, the patient can chart their progress and visibly take note of any improvements in range of motion.


*Depending on the device you are viewing this from, you may need to click the play button twice for the videos to play.


Rehabit physio equipment is designed for stroke patients seeking effective movement rehabilitation. Light, sturdy and easy-to-use, Rehabit turns tedious exercises into simple habits. Removing complexities and obstacles, Rehabit frees the patient to focus on what matters most - to relearn and to recover, the vital ability to move.


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